Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day!

So, I got around to finally baking a cake. Hooray. The only problem was I had no cake pans. I had to throw out my old ones due to rust, which sucked. I made sure to buy good cake pans this time…made in the US, of course.
I tried the Super Epic Rainbow Cake from Whisk Kid. Loved it! It’s an awesome recipe. I changed some stuff from the recipe. I went ahead and made it a coconut cake with several layers of pecan. The frosting was buttercream vanilla topped with toasted coconut. So yummy! It was really fun to bake.
I didn’t do a lot of buttercream, so, the layers were thin, and because of my in-laws being diabetics. I only did the first batch of buttercream and I even had left over for another occasion. Maybe I’ll use it for cookies or something small.
I also baked an apple pie from scratch using Martha Stewart’s pate brisee recipe and my Mom’s awesome super-secret apple filling. It was delicious. I wish we had made bananas foster and vanilla ice cream to go with it.

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